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Agribusiness Class

Welcome to Agribusiness Online Coaching Class.

This is an online classroom that connects you with Agro Experts and exposes you to practical agribusiness courses. Its easy, smart and flexible.

Why Should I enroll in this course?

  1. End Job Hunting and Set up Passive business:By enrolling in this course you will quit your job search venture and become an Agropreneuer in weeks and you will begin to create jobs for others.Agribusiness has great prospect for providing employment opportunities to millions of African Youth. No need to look for white collar jobs today.
  2. You will get the priviledge to exploit many opportunities in agricultural sector.
  3. Agribusiness is the leading economic sector of comparative advantage and is the future of wealth development for Africans. This is the best time to start Agribusiness.
  4. Is an education platform that will give you practical mentorship on how to kickstart .
  5. There are countless Agropreneuers experts Instructors that will give you extensive coaching from the beginning of the training until you have extabilished yourself and start producing tremendous result.
  6. Agribusiness is the goldmine for Africans.It has been proposed that Africa's agriculture and agribusiness market would triple to $1 trillion dollars by 2030...(World Bank).

Who Should Enroll Today?.

  1. Undergraduates
  2. Graduates
  3. Applicants
  4. Working Class
  5. Stay at home moms
  6. Farmers
  7. Business Men and Women
  8. Anyone interested in creating wealth

In Agrotech Africa we have the following Courses:

• Fish Farming
• Catfish Farming
• Piggery
• Poultry farming
• Feed Formulation
• Cassava& Cassava Processing.
• Garri Production
• Rabbit Farming
• Goat Farming
• Vegetable farming
• Palm oil Production
• Palm kernel production
• Sugar Cane farming
• Millet farming
• Grass cutter farming
• Snail Farming
• Cucumber farming
• Cabbage Farming
• Mushroom Farming
• Water Melon Farming
• Rice Farming
• Coal/Charcoal Production
• Rubber Farming
• Horticulture
• Apiculture
• Forestry
• Farm Machinery training
• Farm Software/Application training
• Agro export training
• Agro processing
• Agro Insurance